Mold Inspection

How To Prevent Mold Growth

There are some basic tips for understanding how to prevent mold growth from occurring inside your home or building.

First there are the five elements needed to produce mold
• Food source
• Water conditions
• Low light conditions
• Stagnant air
• Time

There are really only two of these conditions you can control (Stagnant air and Water conditions). The other elements are either not able to be controlled or not cost effective.

Stagnant airMold loves stagnant air conditions, so it is important to have air movement in all areas of the home or building. An easy way to do this is to keep the furnace fan on at all times and all register opened. Most thermostats have an auto or on toggle switch for the fan on them. The cost to run a fan continuously is typically minimal. In areas where there is no furnace ventilation you may want to consider using a portable fan.

Water conditions – Any water intrusions and spills must be wiped up promptly and make sure that any materials are thoroughly dried to at least below 16% moisture content. Watch for areas that within cavities or where there are several layers such as flooring. Water can be hidden in these areas and promote mold growth. Consult a water mitigation specialist such as AdvantaClean with any questions. Another water source can be the air itself. Air with relative humidity levels above 60% will promote mold growth. Action should be taken to reduce the relative humidity below 60% (typically between 30 to 50%). I recommend using a dehumidifier in area like this, especially in basements.

The reason food source is not able to be controlled is that many building materials are food sources, such as wood, paper on drywall, wall paper and the glue, etc. It is recommended to maintain good housekeeping practices. Keep porous materials and contents off floors and a couple inches away from walls, especially walls that have drywall on them.

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